Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does God Hate Satan?

A friend of mine posed this question to me last week, and I thought it would make for interesting discussion. So there it is please post your thoughts. I will of course post my thoughts as well. So in one word, NO. While it is clear through the scriptures that there are differences between humans and angels. No where does it mention Jesus' death on the cross covering the sins of angels. So in case you are wanting to ask would Satan be able to return to heaven if he repented? I think the answer to that is no, I do not believe that the angels who having seen and been in the presense of God and fell, are able to repent, and be reconciled. However, back to the original question, I believe that there is sufficient evidence to state that God hates the sin, but not the sinner. So while Satan is in opposition to God I would still argue that God, loves Satan, but because he is a just God, there cannot be sin in heaven, so Satan can not reside in heaven, because there is no evidence of a means for reconcillation, for angels in the bible I conclude, that while Satan is permanently banned from heaven, that God does not hate him.

I will add scripture references later. Just wanted to get the thoughts on screen for now.

Please post your thoughts and opinions on this.


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