Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Though He Slay Me

For the past couple days, I have been experiencing a great deal of pain, from what I believe to be a kidney stone, and as the pain escalates to barely tolerable I find myself crying out to God for relief from the pain, and so far just as I reach my breaking point I have received relief for awhile. This morning as the pain surged again, and in the midst of frustration at it's return I realized that I need to praise God even while I am hurting. When times are tough I need to sing praise in my heart to the God who created everything. As I was praising God in the midst of the pain, I was reminded of Job, who experiencing much more and loss, said "though he slay me I still will trust him." What would your life look like if when times are tough you took that attitude? The previous is intended for personal reflection, but feel free to encourage me and anyone who reads this blog with your answer.