Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help me with my Unbelief.

I took a little time to read through some of the psalms, and for the first time in my life took the time to see them for more than just awesome praise of God, and songs. I saw in them an example of how we ought to pray, and live. When you read the psalms that were written by David, you can't help but feel the intimacy between him and God. He possessed a passion for God that shines through the words like a bright light. In several of the psalms I noticed that after praising God for who God is, he would present a request, and then at the end thank God for answering that request. He didn't wait to see if God would answer his prayer. He had the faith to know that God would, so before he would have had the chance to see the answer he already began to praise God for his work in that area. This is a real life example of praying the way James tells us to.
What would it mean for your life if you had that attitude? How would it change the way you see God, and the world around you? We live in a time where everywhere you turn people are stressed out and worried. Even among believers we see this attitude of being beaten up with fear and worry. But we don't have to live in the constant anxiety of our culture. We have a God who is bigger than anything we might face, and he wants us to trust him. Just like the Father who took his son, who had a demon, to Jesus and said, "help me with my unbelief." We need to pray that same prayer. Each and every one of us has atleast some portion of our lives that we have not yet surrendered to God. We each continue to bear burdens that Christ has already handled. You may ask, "But the event hasn't happened yet, how can Christ have already handled it?" I firmly believe that our God is not bound by time or any other concept of man, and He already knows the last page of each of our biographies, and has already made the arrangements for Romans 8:28 to be true in each and every situation we face. So hold tight to the faith that is within you, even when things are hard take joy in the fact that you have read the last page of the book of life, and seen that good does in fact triumph over evil.