Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached.

I have had the privilege of hearing many great sermons, from many preachers, but no sermon compares to the one that Jesus preached. Oh and by the way I'm not talking about the Sermon on the Mount, although it is probably second. The greatest sermon wasn't spoken, although there were some words, but it was a whole life lived to the glory of God. For his first point Jesus was born of a virgin, and lived without sin. For his second point he showed God's mighty power, great love and mercy to the world. For his third point he stood before Pilate, and accepted a fierce beating. For his fourth point he walked to Golgotha, and hung on a cross. For his fifth point he rose from the grave on the third day, and after a little more time with those who had followed him, he ascended into heaven, where he now sits at the right hand of God. Now most modern preachers, use a five point sermon: Intro, point 1, point 2, point 3, conclusion. Jesus however has more points, and the sermon is not finished. For his sixth point he sent the holy spirit as a comforter to those who belong to him. And his conclusion, which has yet to be delivered, but has been promised, will be when he returns, this time it will not be a humble birth in secret, but with the sound of trumpets, and all will know, and every knee in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth, will bow, and he will gather to him those that belong to him.

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